About USAF

The USAF is the largest and most well-established Aikido federation in the United States, with many outstanding dojos located throughout the country. The USAF guides and develops the practice and instruction of Aikido as established by Hombu Dojo. It establishes and maintains close contact with the Shihan (master teachers) officially dispatched as representatives by Hombu Dojo. It standardizes Aikido grading and registers dan (senior level) grades with Hombu Dojo. It develops the qualifications and requirements for the appointment of advanced teaching licenses (shihan, shidoin, and fukushidoin). It organizes and conducts Aikido demonstrations and seminars, encourages the activities of its member dojos, and researches, and studies, and publishes information and materials pertaining to Aikido. Our dojo is the local USAF affiliate and is one of the few USAF dojos located in the Gulf South.